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TRUNCATA   Leroy & Debie, 2014

Section Petrophyllae

Distribution : Canary Islands (S Tenerife, very localized), growing in rock crevices with northern exposure, 180 - 250 m asl.


Description :

Small, perennial, solitairy plants, resembling Monanthes pallens.

Roots fibrous.

Rosette diameter 10 - 20 mm, less dense than that of M. pallens, with never more than 66 leaves.

Leaves glandular-pubescent with purplish lines, similar to those of M. pallens, but distinctly truncate and less fleshy.

Flowers smaller than those of M. pallens, never larger than 3 - 4 mm.


Flowering time : April - May.

A crested form :

Always growing in a rather shady spot :

Plants in a second barranco :

Photos Albert Leroy

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