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WILDPRETII   Bañares & Scholz, 1990

Distribution : A single population is known on humid rocky walls around potential laurel forest communities, on the northern slopes of Anaga, Tenerife, at 700 m.


Description :

Herbaceous perennial up to 2 cm tall, with abundant offsetting rosettes forming dense mats.

Rosettes dense, 1 - 2 cm in diameter, with 100 - 120 leaves.

Axes globular.

Leaves 5 - 8 (-10) x 1 - 2 (-2.5) mm, oblanceolate, attenuate to the base, apex acute (never rounded), glandular-pubescent, prominently papillose.

Inflorescence simple, lateral and ascendant, with spreading leaves similar to that of the rosettes and small lanceolate bracts, pedicels pubescent.

Flowers 4 - 5 mm in diameter, calyx pubescent, segments subovate to lanceolate, 2 - 3 x 1 - 1.5 mm, densely papillose, petals lanceolate, acute, puberulent abaxially.

Note :

Monanthes wildpretii differs from M. minima by its strongly ramified and dense habit, smaller and denser rosettes, globular axes (as in M. brachycaulos) and the oblanceolate, smaller, less pubescent, prominently and abundantly papillose and apically acute leaves.

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