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x anagiflora  Bramwell & Rowley, 1973

Parentage : Monanthes anagensis  Praeger x M. laxiflora  (DC) Bolle ex Bornmüller

Monanthes x anagiflora  Bramwell & Rowley, Some name changes in succulent plants, Part V, National Cactus and Succulent Journal  28(1): 5. 1973.

Distribution : Canary Islands : Tenerife.


Description by Praeger, Semperviva of the Canary Islands area  in Proc. Roy. Irish  Acad. Sect. B, 38: 489-490 (1929) :

"Inter parentes media.

Suffruticulosa, sed M. anagensem plerumque minor.

Folia alterna (ut in anagense) raro opposita (ut in laxiflora) longe elliptica vel lineari-elliptica, breviora quam in anagense, longiora quam in laxiflora, viridia vel purpurascentia, subteretia, supra planiuscula.

Flores intermedii."


Description, also by Praeger, in An account of the Sempervivum Group, 238 (1932) :

"Intermediate between the parents.

Subshrubby, mostly smaller than anagensis.

Leaves alternate, rarely opposite, narrowly elliptic to linear-elliptic, intermediate in length, green or purplish, subterete, flattish on face.

Flowers intermediate.

Habitat : Canary Islands : Tenerife, along the Anaga ridge.


Monanthes anagensis and M. laxiflora are both abundant along the ridge of Anaga on Tenerife (about 900 m), and with them various intermediates occur, clearly the result of crossing and re-crossing. What may be taken as the type of the hybrid, the first cross, is fairly intermediate save in the arrangement of the leaves, where one parent or other must be followed, and the alternate arrangement found in anagensis generally prevails."


The re-publication of M. x anagiflora by Bañares in Vieraea 43, 2015, is superflous. Bañares cites Art. 40.1 in order to justify his re-publication. Art. 40.1 reads :

« Publication on or after 1 January 1958 of the name of a new taxon of the rank of genus or below is valid only when the type of the name is indicated. »

Apparently Bañares thought that Bramwell & Rowley did not indicate a type – he errs – they did ! Rowley's reference to "Praeger (1929: 489-490)" includes a reference to Praeger's "Plate XV, fig. 27", which happens to be the only original material. Original material always has priority over a neotype, so Bañares's neotype is superfluous (Roy Mottram). 


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