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x hybrida  Bramw. & Rowl., 1973

Parentage : Monanthes brachycaulos  (Webb & Berth.) Lowe x M. pallens (Webb) Christ.

Monanthes x hybrida  Bramwell & Rowley, Some name changes in succulent plants, Part V, National Cactus and Succulent Journal  28(1): 5. 1973.

Distribution : Canary Islands : Tenerife.


Description by Praeger, Semperviva of the Canary Islands area  in Proc. Roy. Irish  Acad. Sect. B, 492 (1929) of the form from the Anaga mountains :


"Caulis bulboideus vel cylindricus, brevis, simplex.

Rosula unica, densitate et colore inter parentes media.

Folia magnitudine et forma intermedia.

Rami floriferi axillares ut in parentibus.

Flores intermedii."


Description, also by Praeger, in An account of the Sempervivum Group, 230 (1932) :

"Intermediate between the parents.

Stem bolboid or cylindrical, short, unbranched.

Rosette solitary, intermediate in colour and denseness.

Leaves intermediate in shape and size.

Flowering branches axillary.

Flowers intermediate."


Praeger : "This Tenerife hybrid assumes two forms according to the form of M. pallens prevailing. On the Anaga mountains we gei brachycaulos x pallens typica, rather large and dark purplish green in colour, with leaves 1.5 cm long."

Two nothovarieties :

Monanthes x hybrida nothovar. hybrida

Monantes x hybrida nothvar. pumila  Bramw. & Rowl. 1973


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