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x silophylla   Bramw. & Rowl., 1973

Parentage : Monanthes pallens var. silensis Praeger [ or M. silensis (Praeger) Svent.] x M. polyphylla Haworth.

If both Monanthes pallens var. silensis and M. silensis are placed in the synonymy of  M. pallens, the parentage of this hybrid reads : Monanthes pallens (Webb) Christ  x M. polyphylla  Haworth.


Monanthes x silophylla  Bramwell & Rowley, Some name changes in succulent plants, Part V, National Cactus and Succulent Journal  28(1): 5. 1973.

Distribution : Canary Islands : Tenerife (on rocks above Casa Blanca beyond Los Silos).


Description by Praeger as M. pallens x polyphylla  Praeger hybr. nov., Semperviva of the Canary Islands area  in Proc. Roy. Irish  Acad. Sect. B, 38: 496 (1929) :

"Inter parentes media.

Caulis brevis, minus repens et minus racosus quam in polyphylla.

Rosulis eis M. pallentis conformibus sed minoribus, planiusculis, aggregatis.

Quite intermediate in character, preserving but in a restricted way the creeping branching stem of polyphylla - not the unbranched short erect stem of pallens; but having the glaucous rosettes and leaves of pallens var. silensis. Easily confused with the f. ramosa of the last-named, as the appeareance of the two is very similar : but on examination the tuft is found to be produced by axillary branching from a single central rosette in the latter case, while in pallens x polyphylla it is produced by the branching of shortly creeping stems, as in polyphylla."


Description, also by Praeger, as M. pallens var. silensis x polyphylla Praeger nom. emend., in An account of the Sempervivum Group, 232 (1932) :

"Intermediate between the parents.

Stem short, less creeping and less branched than in polyphylla.

Rosettes resembling pallens but smaller, flat, crowded."

Note :

Flowering times of the parent species are differing : M. pallens > April - June, M. polyphylla > June, so hybrids will be rather rare, moreover Praeger reports the presence of M. laxiflora & M. subcrassicaulis growing in the vicinity.

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